How does Selfie Photo Booth compare to a typical booth service?


Our photo booth is set up as one unit, meaning you wont see a printer or any other hardware outside of the unit. SPB offers open air as well as outdoor services at little to no additional cost (event details required). We also offer PERSONALIZED prop signs, competitive pricing and discounts for additional services.

How much space is needed for Selfie Photo Booth setup?


The photo booth itself is 5x5x7' so we suggest a 6x6x7' open space for the booth and another 2x6' space for the table. We also need access to a power source. Space could vary depending on services (open air, outside, stanchions, etc) requested. 

Do you provide backdrops?


Yes, we have a huge variety of fabric backgrounds for our booth and also offer custom step-and-repeat services for open air setup.

What size are the pictures?


Our standard print option are double 2×6 strips, reminiscent of traditional photobooths. There are 3-images and space for a logo (or 4 images). We also offer 4×6 printing options.

How can guests view and share the photos?


Photos are placed in an online gallery on our website for public viewing and ordering after the event, and can be password protected.  Our clients may also choose a facebook upload option for their guests, as well as email

Can the photos be branded with my company logo or event details?


Yes, we can overlay photos with your event information, sponsor logo, and any other promotional branding elements. Additionally, we can help you create a customized set, from the background to unique props, so your entire experience will be unique.

We are a non-profit, can you work with our budget?


From the very start of SPB we’ve always supported our community charities and foundations. Please contact us to receive a special non-profit rate for your event.

Do I have to choose between color or black & white prints?


Nope! When each guest enters the photo booth, they will have the option to have their photo taken in color, sepia, or black & white!

What areas do you service?


SPB travels the Central Valley, from Bakersfield to Modesto. Distance fee will apply for any distance greater than 40 miles (roundtrip) from our office located in Fresno, CA. 

How is the picture quality?


We use only the best equipment that produce photo-laboratory quality prints. Because we use dry print technology, your pictures are less vulnerable to scratches and fading. Prints immediately emerge dry and durable.

What is the difference between “Unlimited Photos” and “Unlimited Prints”?


Some of the photo booth companies offer unlimited photos but not unlimited prints. This simply means that you and your guest taking as many pictures inside the photo booth may only get a single copy. For example, there are 6 people inside the photo booth during a photo session. Rather than getting 6 copies of the picture they will only give you a single copy. SPB provides two copies of the photo instantaeously and able to print extra copies at the end of the event. The client will also receive a USB flash of all photos.

Do you provide props?


Yes, SPB can provide props. They are sanitized after every event and before the next event (so, twice between events). You can also bring your own at no additional charge.

What is the video message option about?


Our video message option is FREE OF CHARGE. During every photo taking session your guests can choose to leave you a video message (congratulations, well wishes, holiday sillyness, etc.). This allows the videographer to concentrate on the fun things and eliminates interruption from a microphone being passed around the tables!

What's included with the scrapbook?


The scrapbook is for you to enjoy, forever. At the end of the event we will give the book to you, filled with photo strips taken at your party. Roughly 4 photos and 4 hand written messages will fill the front and back of each page. We will guide each guest to fill out the book. We provide everything necessary for them as well as the table set up. 

What do I have to do to confirm a date?


Fill out the inquiry form at the bottom of this site with your event and contact information. We will check if your event date and time is open, and send you a rental package  that includes: event detail form, rental agreement, and order form. After we receive the details, we will send an estimate (converted to an invoice upon approval). A 50% deposit is due upon receipt of your invoice, in which your event will be confirmed.

Why rent a photo booth, why not just hire a photographer?


You can still hire a photographer, even with a photo booth, because it is two completely different experiences. SPB can assure you that a photo booth is WAY more fun than a photographer. Do you ever really see people sticking their tongues out with a photographer? Holding up fun signs? Having the time of their lives? We just think that a photo booth brings a true fun-ness to the event, while photographers are more formal. 

How long does it take for the photos to be posted to your website?


Most of the time, 24-72 hours. However it could take up to 7 days, depending on our business schedule.

Is Selfie Photo Booth insured?


Yes we are insured and we have never run into an issue where there was property damage.

Is my deposit refundable?


No, your deposit is not refundable. However, isn't everything negotiable? So in the event that your date has changed or have to cancel, 50% of your deposit can be applied to any future booking with SPB, for up to one year from the date of the invoice. 

My special event is outdoors, do your book outdoor events?


We need to make sure the booth is protected from the elements - sun, wind, heat and rain/moisture. These elements can compromise your photos and our equipment. Contact us directly to discuss the particulars of your event.

Do you do any custom backdrops or custom printing?


Our exclusive print partner is A-List Signs & Banners in Fresno, CA. To visit their website, CLICK HERE